Hi friends!

I just wanted to update you a bit on my life and what I’m doing for Lent. No, I’m not Catholic. (Although, at some times I may fall into the category of Cat-holic: a person who is obsessed with cats. See my picture and you’ll understand.) Nonetheless, I am intrigued by the thought of giving something up for 40 days. Additionally, I am a Christian, so it does make sense for me to follow Jesus’s example from his 40 day fast in the desert and do something.

That being said, I don’t always give something up for Lent, but I have a few different times. One year, I gave up all forms of social media, which was terribly difficult. I have struggled with what I should give up this year and realized that I am incredibly self-centered and greedy. I really am not ready to give up much of anything, which is something that even the thought of a 40 day fast has really shown me and is an area of my life on which I need to focus. All things considered, I have decided to give up something small-ish for now and continue to try to practice selflessness throughout the rest of the year.

So, in the spirit of my blog, I have decided to give up sugar and all other sweeteners. This will also include all forms of sweeteners on the ingredients list of packaged foods, as well. I even just ordered unflavored whey protein powder, since all of mine are currently sweetened with steviols. If I’m going to try to do this, I might as well do it right! I had originally thought that I would just give up sugar and go on my merry way using stevia, as usual. However, I realized that part of this exercise is really to give up my greed and put in the effort to give up something that I will miss. I typically don’t eat much real sugar but do tend to substitute it with my favorite sweetener, stevia, so that is really what I am giving up. I do also like my cheat days, usually a couple times per month, where I eat “real” sweets such as cake, cookies, and muffins. (Yes, it does happen occasionally!) Anyways, I’m giving that all up for 40 days!

Much love,